World Tour Preview: Urban Assault Ride

Each year the Urban Assault Ride rolls into about a dozen cities, bringing good times with bikes, beer and feats of strength and agility. We’ve been meaning to get to one of these vents for a few years, but scheduling conflicts kept us away.

This year the stars aligned and we are headed down to Austin, TX to see first hand the merrymaking for ourselves.

The event starts out with an online quiz in the days leading up to the event. How well you do on this quiz determines your start time, better score equals earlier start time. The ride itself takes riders to multiple checkpoints with tasks to be completed at each. It’s going to be hot, but there is promise of 2 water obstacles and 3 water slides to keep riders cool.

The ride ends with a huge party, and the promise of 50(!) kegs of New Belgium beer, and lots of prizes too!

Plenty of other cities still to come on the Urban Assault Tour, check them out here:


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