Review: Michelin Wildgripper COMP 16

By Pete Weir

Price: $50
Size: 26” x 2.5”
Weight: 1150
TPI: 33
Bead: wire
Contact: 800.346.4098 www.

Comments: Intended for downhill racing on hard and rocky terrain. Again, same tight bead and soft durometer compound as the Comp 32. The Comp 16, while ramped with a sharp leading edge, has smaller knobs with more space between, creating a more flexible knob. It’s the same durometer and tight bead as the all condition. I felt the tire was better suited for loose to slippery conditions because of its open tread and more flexible, grabby knob. I got lazy and didn’t want to wrestle with the bead to change the tires when the conditions turned to hard-pack tacky clay, and I did notice knob roll in the corners. But in wet loamy conditions the tires shined—the soft knobs grabbed and pointed very well. The direction arrow on the side wall suggest having the tire mounted ramp side back sharp edge forward but I preferred it backwards for better braking. This tire can be run tubeless with Nagesti tubeless rims.


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