Whole Enchilada Enduro rider profiles and hot spots for visitors to Moab

By Matt Kaspryzk

Mountain bikers came from far and wide to experience what could be the longest enduro race in the world. We introduce you to a few. You can also read our race recap here.

Chewy Aikin, Sedona, Ariz., Mechanic at Bike & Bean

Chewy is excited for some “good shreddin’” and he’s glad to be back in Moab with his trusty Titus Supermoto, “a little heavy, but super fun.” I saw Chewy at the finish after my run. He was bandaged, but smiling, and still stoked about the weekend.

Jesse Martin, Sedona, Ariz.

This was his first time riding Moab. He was expecting a great morning pre-ride and some long docents. Jesse brought his daily rider, a Yeti ASR 7.

Jermy Horgan-Kobelski, Subaru/Trek

Normally “the XC racer guy,” he was out in Moab doing some late-season eduros. Jeremy finished 5th among Pro Men on his Remedy 9.9. His bike of choice this weekend was decked out with a SRAM drivetrain and Rock Shox suspension along with some new Bontrager tires. Jeremy likes the added slackness of the 160mm fork since it’s such a rough course.

Heather Irmiger, Subaru/Trek

This World Cup XC racer is trying out the enduro scene. (She might want to stick with it, seeing that she placed 2nd in the Pro Women’s class.) Riding Trek’s full carbon Remedy 9.8, with a SRAM XO 1×10, new XO Trail brakes and a RockShox Revelation up front. Heather said she can see the benefits of a double or 1×11 if it was steeper course, but if she continues doing enduros this would be a pretty standard set-up for her.

Jason Bertolacci, Boulder, Colo., Interactive Marketing Manager for IMBA and President of the Colorado Mountain Bike Association.

At the top of Burrow Pass during a pre-ride, Jason was excited and nervous about the race. “It’s a bruiser the whole way down,” he says as we’re about to drop in. I saw Jason with a smile on his face several times throughout the weekend so it couldn’t have hurt that bad. Thanks for that post-race beer, Jason!

Brett Foncannon, Golden, Colo.

Brett was looking forward to a world-class destination trail and staying in one piece. He was nervous about the mud at the top and mechanicals because it’s such a rough course. However, the course was dry and fast on race day. With a couple of both good and bad eduros under his belt so far this year, his goal was to simply keep it together and finish.

Alison Dunlap

We caught Alison Dunlap at the top of Burrow Pass. Actually, it was more like she was waiting for her group—I can’t catch her if she’s moving. She was guiding one of her Alison Dunlap Adventure camps in Moab. She also does private skills clinics in Colorado Springs.

Suzan, Seattle, Wash., Sturdy Bitch Racing sponsored by Diamondback

She’s worried about the climbing and being distracted by the beautiful fall scenery. (There was definitely a lot of pedaling.)

Angela Sucich, Seattle, Wash.

She normally races XC/Endurance on her Diamondback Axis. However, for The Whole Enchilada race she chose the 6-inch, Hammersmit equipped, Diamondback Mission. With so much varied terrain she understands the need to “choose your weapon wisely.”

Jenny Liu, Scenectady, N.Y.

Jenny’s at the race for fun. It’s her favorite ride! She did it four years ago, and she’s back to just have a good time.

Hot spots in Moab

Chili Pepper Bike Shop: Shuttle service and espresso bar.

Poison Spider Bike Shop: Shuttle service with bike wash and a shower.

The Blue Pig: The music on the website = fail. I promise the food is better than that crap.

Paradox Pizza: Best pizza I’ve had in awhile.

Moab Brewery: Not sure what it is with Moab websites and music… I like breweries so this place made the list, but don’t expect anything spectacular other than gelato.

Aarchway Inn: Outside of town, but it’s the first hotel on your ride back from Porcupine Rim. Which is a big plus after five hours in the desert. Lots of amenities and very bike friendly.

Rim Tours: Great staff and I’m sure you’re not traveling to Moab for the climbs.


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