Vittoria Cycling Shoes visits Dirt Rag HQ

Vittoria Cycling Shoes’ US Sales Manager Michael Musil shows the staff the 2012 shoe lineup.

By Adam Newman

Everyone knows the big guns of the cycling industry: Trek, Specialized, Giant. But some of the little guys desever some recognition as well. One brand we’ve really been drawn to in the past year is Vittoria Cycling Shoes. We first met Michael, the US sales manager, at Interbike and we were impressed with the incredible range of the shoe lineup and the number of custom sizing options. Since he is based in Ohio, we invited him to stop by the our office and walk us through the lineup.

Before we go further, let’s get this out of the way: Vittoria Shoes has nothing to do with the tire company with the same name. In fact, the shoe company was founded by racer Celestino Vercelli only a few weeks before its namesake counterpart in 1976. Their shoes are 100 percent made in Italy, down to every last nut and screw, something the company is immensely proud of, and they’ve been worn by countless professional champions.

One thing that really stands out is the range of fits available. There are 31 lengths, from 32-50, and they’re working on a 51 and 52. There are four widths available, from narrow to super-wide, and even a high- and low-volume upper. If you like one model but want a different sole: if you ask very nicely any upper can be mated to any of the seven different road, mountain, or commuting soles. Dealers can order essentially custom shoes and have them delivered in 10-14, straight from Italy. If you have two different size feet – and most people do – you can get a mismatched pair for only a small upcharge. Ladies aren’t neglected either: every single model is available with a women’s specific upper.

Their mountain bike lineup boasts seven different models, including the new-for-2012 Arctica winter boot. Prices range from the $120 Trail model to the $375 Supra Carbon.

The Supra, above, is the top of the line mountain model. It can be had with full carbon or carbon/nylon molded sole. The metal ratchet buckle is designed to be as durable as possible and there is a "rhino lining" on the toe and instep to resist abrasion. MSRP is $300 or $375, depending on the sole.

The Stelt gets a new plastic ratchet buckle for 2012 as well as some style updates. It has a nylon sole. MSRP is $220.

The Impact uses the metal ratchet buckle, has a matte finish and a nylon sole. MSRP is $180.

The Torque is an all-new model for 2012. It has the same three-position mountable ratchet buckle as the other models and a nylon sole. Look for a full review of this model in an upcoming issue. MSRP is $160.

The Trail is the entry-level model, with a nylon sole and Velcro closures. MSRP is $125.

The Arctica is an all-new winter boot that is available with a road or mountain sole. MSRP is $250. Look for a full review of this model in a future issue.

Vittoria also offers a pretty bling line of retro-inspired shoes called 1976. They are available with Lorcia synthetic leather, suede, kangaroo or faux-crocodile uppers and can be had with any sole.




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