Video trailer: Digging for Galena – the story of Texas Peak

I don’t often post videos. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a teaser vid. I’m making an exception here. Why? I’ve been on top of Texas Peak. I’ve stayed at Retallack. I may have ridden some of the trails in the upcoming video. I know the guy who wrote and directed this. And Graham Agassiz never disappoints. In other words, even my jaded self is excited about this edit. February 24th, mark those calendars.

(words, photos and video below are courtesy of SRAM)

Digging for Galena – The Story of Texas Peak


For thousands of years we have been scratching through dirt and rock looking for both sustenance and fortune. Over a century ago, pioneers carved deep into the mountains of B.C.’s remote Kootenay region, risking ruin in exchange for an ore rich in silver, zinc and lead. They were Digging for Galena.

In 2010, Retallack Lodge, a backcountry skiing operation in the heart of Galena country, started carving mountain bike trails through their 1.5 million acre tenure. Instead of precious metals, though, they discovered great veins of perfect black dirt.

Today, exploration and adventure comes full circle with the building of Texas Peak, one of the most adrenaline-packed gravity trails ever created. Using the experienced Retallack Trail Crew, led by freeride legend Mike Kinrade, with input from Graham Agassiz, Texas Peak drops off of its 8,300-foot namesake summit with spectacular verve, flowing through pristine wilderness, past remnants of the pick and axe pioneers of over a century ago.

Join us as we take you on a journey that blurs the lines between here and yesteryear, a story of risk, adventure and great reward. Watch it everywhere, February 24, 2017.



Cinematography and Editing by Mind Spark Cinema
Written and Directed by Mitchell Scott
Starring Graham Agassiz
Produced by Retallack Lodge and Mitchell Scott
Sponsored by: SRAM, Kona, and Retallack Lodge

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