Ventana El Saltamones gets around

By Eric McKeegan

I recently finished the print review of the El Saltamones, and never got around to creating a first impression blog. Maybe it was the difficulty in building it up (took more than six months to get all the parts together), but when I finally got it running I just wanted to ride, not talk about it any more. So how about some photos instead?

Anyway, here it is after a bit of mud at DirtFest.

And here it is in Alabama at a Michelin tires press camp

And here it is in Colorado were Adam took it for Mavic’s press camp. He likes it too.

This bike gets around, huh? How about some close ups?

Notice the splattered bug? That’s what happens when you ride fast. Or maybe it was the drive back from DirtFest on a roof rack.

Little bit of branding on the swingarm.

Since 1988, one year older than Dirt Rag.

Rear pivot. See how big that sucker is? That’s why this thing isn’t a flexy flyer.

Notice the massive top tube. Same size as the down tube. More stiffness a good thing.

No two ways about it, this is a great bike, only to be made more awesome with some changes for 2012. Get the full scoop in our review in Issue #157. You can order a copy from our online store.


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