UCI will suspend enforcement of unsanctioned race ban in 2014

Relaxing its stance on the “forbidden race rule” the UCI has announced it will not prosecute or punish pro racers who participate in races that are not sanctioned by the UCI or a national federation, such as USA Cycling, in 2014.

These races include popular events like the Whisky Off-Road, Breck Epic, the Teva Mountain Games, the Oregon Cross Crusade, and countless others. It led to a backlash from pros and amateurs alike against USAC and the UCI. 

“Although we would have liked to see a concrete resolution regarding Rule 1.2.019, we are nonetheless encouraged that there will be continuing dialogue regarding the worldwide ramifications of the rule in the coming year,” said USA Cycling President & CEO Steve Johnson. “In the meantime, we are pleased that enforcement of the rule will be suspended for another year.”

Because the rule has been “suspended” and not nullified, it is likely the UCI will make a more lasting decision on the rule later this year.


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