Turner Sultan. Big wheels and bigger travel, intial impressions.

The Turner Sultan is a 120mm travel 29er, one of the few big wheeled bikes out there sporting over 100mm of travel. I’m happy to be riding one for the beginning of the summer. My size large tester came built up with some interesting parts including a 2010 Fox F29 RLC with the 15mm QR and new FIT damper and very diminutive Formula R1 disc brakes.


I’ve made a few parts swaps, namely to the tires, bars and stem for fit and local terrain.  It is feeling pretty dialed now.

The weather is getting hotter, the trails are getting drier and this bike is looking for rocky trails to stretch its legs. I’m happy to oblige. Not a lot of saddle time yet, but so far the Sultan has been quite adapt in the tight singletrack that has made up the majority of my time in the woods.


 Want more info? See the geometry and spec on the Turner website.


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