Review: Timex Ironman Triathlon Digital 50 Lap Heart Rate Fitness System

By Joel Kennedy

That’s one hell of a name for a watch and a heart rate monitor, but with the tiny booklet that Timex includes in the package this product could theoretically live up to its name. The watch itself has all the standard Ironman features: time of day, date, chronograph, countdown timer, alarm and a setup for the not so standard heart monitor. For anyone who doesn’t know, a heart rate monitor is a tool used to measure how many times your heart beats per minute, and how long it stays at a given level.The monitor is worn around your chest and digitally transmits information to the watch for you to read. There are five pre-set fitness zones on this particular monitor ranging from 1 (lite) to 5 (red). The booklet describes the different zones, and actually offers concise instructions on how to use the monitor to improve your fitness level. Also, you can fine tune your training by setting your own target zone. The readout has flashing arrows to indicate when you are above or below your target range and shows how much time you spent in the zone at the end of your ride/workout. Personally, I’m not the kind of person to wear one of these on a regular basis, but if you’re training the same loop all the time and you want some concrete data on your performance, a heart monitor would be a relatively inexpensive asset. And remember, it’s really simple; if your times goes down, and so does your heart rate, you’re getting stronger. MSRP: $125.00. Color: Black and Grey with resin strap or Black and Blue with coolmax fast wrap strap. The monitor is black.

Contact: Timex, PO Box 310, Middlebury, CT 06762; 203.573.5764;


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