This Just In: 2017 Fox 32 Step Cast fork

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Fox is set to release its new 32 SC (Step Cast), a dedicated cross-country fork that shaves a half-pound off the current model 32.

Engineers achieved this with an all-new chassis design. Looking for any way possible to shave weight they shrunk and narrowed the crown and arch so the upper tubes have a 120 mm spacing compared to 130 mm on non-SC forks, then they shortened the upper tubes. To match, the sliders have a built-in step casting that goes from normal wide around the tubes to narrower at the dropouts. Without this “step” there would not be room for the hub flanges, spokes and rotor. The lower section at the dropouts doesn’t sacrifice any rigidity or steering precision though, especially with a 110 Boost front hub. Of course, with this dedicated shaping there’s no room for travel adjust—the 32 SC is cross-country specific at 100 mm.

Internal cross section view of the 32 SC
Internal cross section view of the 32 SC

Internally, not much has changed from current model 32 forks. You’ll find a Fit4 damper with three damping positions: open, medium and firm, along with external low-speed compression damping adjust in the open setting. Aside from small tweaks such as an alloy piston and some mix and match voodoo parts to further decrease weight it’s the same internals including the removable volume spacers to further refine mid stroke and bottom out tuning. However, the Fit4 damper does have an upgraded tune specific to its intended cross-country usage. Weight is right at 3 pounds with an uncut steerer and Kabolt tru-axle installed for the 29 and slightly less for the 27.5.

Emily Batty of Trek Factory Racing puts the 32 SC through its paces.
Emily Batty of Trek Factory Racing puts the 32 SC through its paces.

The 32 SC will be available in 27.5 and 29 wheel sizes in three colors: gloss orange, gloss white and matte black. Prices for the Factory level are: $889 w/ manual adjust, $969 w/ cable remote adjust and $1,596 w/ iRD remote adjust.

It’s dubbed a 2017 model but we currently have one in-house for long term testing. So far results have been very favorable. Read all about it in the next issue of Dirt Rag (#191).

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