The thief and the vandal

Puma and Biomega have teamed up to create a line of hipster urban folding bikes. The “Boston” is an interesting BMX-inspired ride with a wire downtube that reminds me of the Slingshot mountain bike frame from years back.

But Biomega takes the idea one step further by making that cable an integrated lock. In other words, it attaches to the headtube with a key, which is intended to be used for locking the bike up in all those shady urban locations you’ll be riding this little number



Biomega avers,

The Down Tube wire is a structural part of the frame – integrating the locking mechanism in the frame subsequently rendering the bicycle non functional if someone breaks the lock to steal the bicycle.

Okay, but this assumes that the lowlife who wants to steal my bike will figure out the bike won’t work after he cuts the cable. Furthermore, it assumes that once he figures this out, he won’t cut the cable anyway, just to vandalize what he can’t ride.

Either way, I’m looking at a new bike.

Still, a pretty sexy ride. Better bring along a standard lock, young fellow.


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