The Pleasant Revolution

Here’s a bit of news, fresh from the Xtracycle Blog:

Xtracycle Co-founder Kipchoge Spencer is stepping down from his role as Xtracycle president, to follow his long-time dream of taking the show on the road. His band, the Ginger Ninjas, and fellow bike musicians SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, along with an 8 person support crew, are going where none have yet pedaled (as far as we know). Setting off from Xtracycle HQ in the Sierra Foothills, they’ll make their way to southern Mexico over the next four months, carrying all of their instruments and their state-of-the-art 800 watt human-powered sound system — on their bikes, sans auto, going slow and promoting the bicycle as toy, tool, solution, trusty steed, and liberator. They invite you to connect with them in your town, send suggestions about places/people of interest, follow their progress and learn more about why??

Visit The Pleasant Revolution website for a list of tour dates. Here’s wishing the entire crew safe and pleasant travels.


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