The eye on back of your head

I’ve watched as my roadie buddies have added all kinds of computerized doohickies to their handlebars
to tell them wattage, speed, cadence, the phase of the moon, and so on. It’s funny that they want all that information right in their line of sight, and yet they’re too proud to even glance back to see if they’re maintaining the gap on a hairy-legged wheelsucker like me.

Anyway, now they’ll be able to discretely keep their eye on me fading into the horizon with this new dingus: It’s a cyclocomputer with video rear-view mirror.


I could see using this on the trail too, to avoid those intimate meetings with the underbrush that occur whenever I try to sneak a glimpse at whoever’s grinding gears in my ear.

This not-yet-available prototype from Cerevellum will allegedly retail for around $200 — but alas, not in time for Christmas this year.


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