The Broken Record, Side Three: Bike Polo!

I was ranting yesterday about the MSM’s fascination with the whole biking & erectile dysfunction story. (I’m still convinced it’s merely cub reporters who have struck upon a reliable and defensible way to write the words “anus” and “scrotum” in the family newspaper. Snicker snicker. Dude, like, how mature.)

So this begs a question: What are the other two top MSM biking stories of the past twelvemonth? Personally, I am convinced they are (2) the Velib story, about the rollout of 20,000 free bikes in Paris; and (3) urban bike polo.

The striking thing about the latter is that most bike polo players have no idea their hip new sport is nearly as old as the safety bicycle itself. Invented in 1891, it was a featured sport at the 1908 Olympics in London. Every time this is written about in the fishwraps, I learn something new — and you will too.

Eventually, I’ll see you out on the pitch, right?

Fully awesome photo by, (Creative Commons, 2006)


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