That’s A Wrap!

It’s fall outside and right now we’re sewing up the last bits on the next Dirt Rag going off to press. Issue 139 will be the last of this year.  It’s hard to believe that this is about it for 2008.

Looking back, the past summer has been chalk full of adventures, both personal and professional. In June, Justin Steiner and I made a foray into Canada to check out the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice in Bolton, Ontario. It was my first time camping since I was a kid! In July, the entire Dirt Rag office headed out to Kenda Bikefest in Hancock, Massachusetts, our first crack at presenting a major bike festival. It was my second time camping and my first experience huddled in a flimsy tent in a lightening/rain storm. I was certain we would all be struck by lightning or swept away in the flash floods. Luckily the sun returned in the morning and dried out the venue quickly, making for a fantastic three-day festival. I didn’t make it out on the trails nearly as much as I wanted to this season, but enough to see advancement in my skills on a mountain bike. Dare I say, taking a few more risks this year? And as the summer was winding down we all packed up again and headed for Vegas and Interbike where my colleagues introduced me to my first bit of serious city riding-bike messenger style- through construction and traffic in downtown Vegas…at night! This fall, I’ve also had chance to reconnect with family and friends. And for the first time in my life I think I know what I want to do when I grow up! I’m also closing out my second year as Dirt Rag‘s Art Director. Each time I think I’m getting the hang of the job they up the ante on me!

2009 will start a new chapter of the Dirt Rag story with the advent of the first Bicycle Times issue in March. We hope you will enjoy and contribute to this new title as you have with Dirt Rag. All and all, it looks to be a very busy next year for the staff, but we are excited about extending our horizons to include the daily disciplines of the average bicycle rider. Right now I’m going to take a deep breath and enjoy the next two weeks before we start gearing up for the next production schedule!

I’m including a small gallery of photos from places I’ve ridden and things I’ve seen on the trails this year. Hope you enjoy them.


Unknown rider at the first water crossing at Kenda Bikefest.  -photo Dan Zimmerman


Doe and fawn check out Dirt Rag Headquarters backyard.  -photo Amanda Zimmerman


Getting around on Maui,  photo by Dan Zimmerman


Andrew supervises as Justin, Karen and Eric assemble the Dirt Rag Interbike Booth. -photo by Amanda Zimmerman


Baby Raccoon on the Pittsburgh Jail Trail. -photo Bill Muldoon


Manhattan. Any given day of the week. -photo Amanda Zimmerman


Karen finds a friend. -photo Justin Steiner


Promontory Point on Herr’s Island. Pittsburgh.-photo by Bill Muldoon


Fall Ride. Alline (1 of 7) and me (5 of 7). -photo by Bill Muldoon


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