Surly unveils new models, tweaks lineup

You don’t have to wait for Interbike to see the new stuff from everyone’s favorite grumpy bike company, Surly. 

First up is an all-new model: the Troll. Designed as a commuter/adventure-tourer/do-it-all kind of bike. It’s got the same geometry as a 1×1 and has a 100mm suspension-corrected fork. The dropouts are horizontal with a derailleur hanger, and feature mounts designed specifically for the Trailer. (The what? Read below) Looks like a very cool commute-crushing machine. Frameset: $495.


Got a lot of baggage? Don’t we all. But Surly’s got you covered with the new Trailer. (No cool name Surly? I’m a bit dissapointed) It will carry 300 lbs. of your junk, comes in two lengths and has mounts all over it to build it into the trailer of your dreams. Mounts to any bike (except the Pugsley) and will fit in your apartment a lot easier than a long-tail cargo bike. $750 short and $775 long.


What about that Pugsley? Now available as a frameset or complete, and in a new color: Snowblind white. The rear caliper mount has been redesigned to make wheel changes easier and the frame will no longer have canti-mounts. It’s disc-only from now on. Frameset: $575. Complete: $1550.

The Karate Monkey get’s a new top tube and a new color choice: battleship gray. Frameset $470. Complete $1050. 


The Steamroller has a new color – Meth Teeths, yum – and a more commuter-friendly stock build. Frameset: $420. Complete: $799.


The CrossCheck gets low-rider rack mounts on the fork, and a lovely robin’s egg blue color choice, replacing the stomach-turning Beef Gravy Brown. Frameset: $440. Complete $1099.


And the good ol’ 1×1? It gets a new top tube and new geometry based around the 100mm suspension-corrected fork. And you can get it in any color you want, as long as it’s black. Frameset: $475.




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