Stuff Preview: Avid Elixr 3 Brakes

In an effort to give you some insight into the products we plan to send through our rigorous testing process here at Dirt Rag, we’ve come up with the Stuff Preview series. Each week, we’ll present one product that is currently in the hands of one of our testing staff. We’ll post a photo of the product, and give you the basic skinny as put forth by the product manufacturer. These products will appear in a future issue of Dirt Rag, and you’ll have to subscribe or buy the issue to get the full review.

This week we have Avid Elixr 3 Brakes.

Manufacturer’s Description
AVID Elixir 3 was built for value and gives nothing away in performance and adjustability. The newest brake in the Elixir family offers up a sleek ambidextrous lever body and stout two-piece caliper.

Featuring a TaperBore master cylinder and AVID’s optimized pivot placement, the Elixir 3 brings a new level of performance and control to this entry level price point.

TaperBore is a unique patented hydraulic closure system that allows for lighter lever travel through the stroke of the lever while moving more fluid than a traditional timing port. With the additional benefit of allowing the rider greater control of a more powerful brake system.

Manufacturer’s Features

  • Built for value providing great Elixir family power and control.
  • New ambidextrous Lever body featuring TaperBore Technology
  • Tooled Reach adjust with Improved access – 3mm ball end
  • MatchMaker compatible
  • New two-piece caliper, Top Loading Pads

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Intended use: XC/Trail/AM
  • Weight: 405 grams (Front; Post mount; 160mm)
  • Fluid: DOT 5.1
  • Rotors: 160/185/203mm G3 Clean Sweep

Interested in Avid Elixr 3 Brakes? What do YOU really want to learn about them? Leave a reply below to let our tester know what you want to read about. Your feedback will allow us to deliver a more useful review for you, our readers.


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