Stuff I like: Exposure Lights

By Maurice Tierney

In my upcoming Dirt Rag print review, you’ll hear me sing the praises of the MaXx-D light from Exposure. It’s a sweet, bright, LED, cable-free, trail-worthy 1200 lumen alloy lighting unit that mounts quickly and easily to your handlebar. This all makes it a pleasure to use, and easy to write about. I’ve also tested the 300-lumen Joystick as well, a much smaller light that I use for my off-dirt travels at night.

But another big reason I like these products so much is my go-to guy at Exposure, James. Not only does James pick up the phone when you call the home office in Rollinsford, New Hampshire; Not only does he keep me equipped with the latest lights I need to properly write these reviews; but he answers the phone in a British accent and with a demeanor that makes working with him “always a pleasure”.

Of course, I am not a complete sucker. If there’s any deficiencies or “Nits to pick” on this product I’ll be sure to fulfill my journalistic duty and report on them.

The point is that sometimes it’s not just about the product, but about the people, too. Some folks just have a knack for the relationship thing; they answer the phone, get you the stuff, provide information, answer questions in a timely fashion, and are otherwise pleasant to work with. Likeable people. Bike people.








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