Spotlight: Bicycles for Humanity–Ottawa


Bicycles for Humanity–Ottawa is: “a grassroots initiative which aims to empower disadvantaged communities in developing countries through the provision of sustainable transportation. Bicycles for Humanity sends used bikes to developing countries to improve access to healthcare, education, food, water and employment.

A recent article in the Ottawa Citizen chronicles how Seb Oran and Sandra Gattola started the Ottawa chapter of Bicycles for Humanity in 2007, after being inspired by a newspaper article about Africa’s urgent need for bicycles.

The Ottawa chapter moved quickly, and by September of 2007 the group had sent its first “bicycle shop in a box” to Rundu, Namibia—a container filled with 350 adult bikes, boxes of spare parts, tools, tires and rims. The group sent a second container to Windhoek, Namibia in September of 2008.

A tip of the cycling helmet to the fine folks at Bicycles for Humanity–Ottawa for making a difference.

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