SF Bike Expo 2010

Don’t you know?
It’s the place to go
Where a bike show will explode
Near the San Francisco Bay if I may be so bold
Called the SF Bike Expo
In November it’s summer
It will not be a bummer
It takes place on the 6th
And will be really sick!
(That’s HELLA sick, in Bay-speak)
Cyclists of all styles
Will come for a while
Check out the fashion show
Or the cross race to go
Ride in off the street
It cannot be beat
All the bike peeps will come
You’ll surely have fun!
There will be stunting as well
And lowriders from hell
Advocacy too
How about you?
A palace of Cow
Becomes a palace of wow!
(What’s a Cow Palace anyway?)
The Dirt Rag booth
Will feed your sweet tooth
It’s not just a swap
You might blow your top
Try to remain calm
At sfbikeexpo.com


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