Santa Cruz debuts custom paint program

From your iPhone case to your tattoos, everything these days is about personalization. Santa Cruz Bikes announced this week that they’re going to extend that trend to their aluminum bikes too, thanks to their Custom Color Choice Program, or CCCP.

CCCP is a custom powdercoat program available on most of Santa Cruz’s aluminum models, offering customers the ability to choose the finish of their bikes from an array of options. Each and every CCCP bike is finished by hand in Santa Cruz, California. Here’s what it entails:

The CCCP is already available on six models: Jackal, Chameleon, Highball, Blur LT, Tallboy, and Nomad. Carbon bikes aren’t eligible, since they aren’t powdercoated.

Each CCCP frame can be finished in gloss or satin. The gloss finish deepens the luster of the entire powdercoat/decal combination, makes the metallic and trans color options pop harder, whereas the satin finish mutes the final color choices, and makes for a more stealth look.

There will be 12 colors initially, from subtle to loud, mild to wild, with more new colors coming and going. You can choose from four decal styles as well: the traditional Santa Cruz logo as well as the newer Block logo, in either large or small. The decals are available in five colors.

All told, there are 2,876 possible combinations.

To order, visit the Santa Cruz Bicycles Bike Builder online. Select an applicable model, click the CCCP icon, select color, select decal style and color, select a finish, then continue to configure your bike as you would from the rest of our available kit and suspension menus. Or, if you want to purchase a frame only, stop right there, then visit a Santa Cruz dealer, and ask to Go Custom. They will then fill out a very specific order form that both dealer and customer will need to sign, and then the dealer will submit the order to Santa Cruz.

As soon as they receive and confirm the order, they will paint the frame to order, inspect it, build it if the order is for a complete bike, and deliver it to the dealer. CCCP will increase the retail price of full suspension frames by $300, and hardtails by $175. Bear in mind, each CCCP frame is made entirely to order, one at a time, and is a true custom finish of the highest quality.




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