Salsa unveils new plus-size hardtails

We’re at Saddle Drive near Lake Tahoe this week checking out new bikes from Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), the parent company of Surly, All-City, Foundry, Heller and Salsa. Salsa went all in, releasing all of the brand’s new-for-2017 bikes and updating most models across the range. Here’s a look at the two new 29plus bikes, both of which we’ll be riding later this week for initial reviews.

Salsa Woodsmoke

Salsa Wolftooth-57

Entering the fairly small ring of carbon-framed 29plus hardtails is the new Salsa Woodsmoke. The goal was simply to create a highly versatile hardtail and, from the looks of it, that’s what we have here. The frame even has four—count ’em—bottle mounts for all of your whatever, wherever adventures.

Salsa Wolftooth-32

The frame was designed to be friendly with 29plus, 27plus and traditional 29er setups. The looks-like-a-Trek-Stache chainstays (we had to say it before you did) got an elevated design to facilitate a short-as-possible-for-a-plus-bike length: 400 to 417 mm depending on the frame size. Those funky chainstays also allow for a front derailleur, multiple drivetrain possibilities and the elimination of chain slap.

This bike utilizes Salsa’s Alternator Dropouts Version 2.0, which allow the geometry to be properly adjusted for your chosen wheelsize. It also means singlespeed!

Salsa Wolftooth-26

Those short chainstays mated to a relatively long top tube, 50 mm stem and the ability to take rigid or 100-140 mm forks, you have a weirdly and wildly versatile trail bike that has multiple geometry and ride quality possibilities. For example, headtube angles are as follows: 68.4 degrees (traditional 29er, 2.4-inch tires, 120 mm fork); 67.9 degrees (27plus, 130 mm fork); 67.8 degrees (29plus, 120 mm fork).

Salsa Wolftooth-19

The 2017 Woodsmoke is available in five complete builds and five colors (red, white, matte black, khaki and green) and should land in your local bike shop this December:

  • Woodsmoke 29plus XO1 – $4,000
  • Woodsmoke 29plus GX1 – $3,000
  • Woodsmoke 27plus XO1 – $4,000
  • Woodsmoke 27plus GX1 – $3,000
  • Woodsmoke 29 GX1 – $3,000

The stock bikes are spec’d with either 120 or 130 mm RockShox forks. See Salsa’s website for complete build kit information and the geometry breakdown of each bike.

Salsa Timberjack

Salsa Wolftooth-46

We know that the high cost of carbon hardtails can really rub some riders the wrong way, which is why we’re always happy to see models like the Timberjack appear in bike company lineups. The trail-oriented Timberjack is a new aluminum hardtail that can either be a 27plus or traditional 29er with forks ranging from 120-140 mm and a price starting at $1,000.

Salsa Wolftooth-60

The Timberjack also gets Salsa’s Alternator Dropouts, meaning you can fiddle with the rear-end length to adjust the way this bike rides. Those dropouts also allow flexibility on which rear end you’d like, from 135 mm quick release to 148 mm Boost hubs. Additional trickle down technology includes internal cable and dropper post routing and 1×11 gearing, plus three bottle cage mounts.

Salsa Wolftooth-41

The Timberjack is available in both 27.5plus and 29 versions, each in two of these colors: dark red, matte khaki, dark blue, matte gray. Look for it in your local bike shop around October. See full build kit and geometry details on Salsa’s website.

  • Timberjack 27plus GX1 – $1,400
  • Timberjack 29 NX1 – $1,000
  • Frame only in matte gray – $400

Salsa Wolftooth-49

Rumors of the demise of the #steelisreal El Mariachi have not yet been confirmed, but the bike was nowhere to be seen at this event are true; that model is done and Salsa no longer has a steel mountain bike (other than the Fargo touring rig, which now accepts 27plus but is stocked with a rigid fork and drop bars). There’s always the newly updated Surly Karate Monkey.



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