Salsa details full 2013 bike lineup

We saw some of Salsa’s latest offerings earlier this week – see our first ride impression of the Beargrease – but today they laid it all out in the sun.

New bikes include aformentioned Beargrease, the Colassal – a disc-brake road bike, and the Warbird – a bike specifically designed for gravel racing. Changes come to nearly all the other models as well. Here’s some highlights:


Unlike the burly Mukluk, the Beargrease is designed to be stripped down to its essence. It features a new aluminum fork that is much lighter than the Mukluk’s steel fork and an annondized aluminum frame. 


The Warbird is Salsa’s gravel racing bike. It might look like a cyclocross bike, but there are subtle changes that make it more appropriate for longer travels. It is built around disc brakes and can clear a 700x40c tire. Both titanium and aluminum versions are available. Curiously, it comes equipped with an ENVE fork rather than Salsa’s sister brand, Whisky. 


Also equipped with an ENVE fork is the Colassal, a new disc-brake-only road bike, in both Ti and steel flavors. It’s not a race bike, but rather designed for recreational riders that hope to eat up big mileage. 


The Mukluk Ti is now equipped with rocker dropouts for geared or singlespeed use but is available as a complete bike only. The aluminum Mukluk has been tweaked to make it more trail-capable, with shorter chainstays and a slightly higher bottom bracket. It is also equipped with rocker dropouts. 


The titanium Vaya is gone, but in its place is the new stainless-steel Vaya Travel, with S&S couplers for easy packing and traveling. It is also equipped with rocker dropouts for singlespeed use. Pictured here is the steel version. 

Horsetheif, Spearfish, El Mariachi, Mamasita, Fargo

There are no major changes to these models, except that the El Mariachi Ti is now avialable with rocker dropouts, and the Mamasita Ti goes away (since the El Mariachi can run singlespeed). The Fargo bikes are now equipped with a 44mm headtube. We just got a 2013 Fargo in the office for a long term review for our sister magazine, Bicycle Times, so keep an eye out! 




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