Sabotaged bike trails: What have you seen?


A man in Fullerton, California has been charged with vandalizing a mountain biking trail; he allegedly dug about fifty 2-foot holes in a shared use trail at Laguna Lake Park. Why’d he do it? Reportedly as “revenge” for nearly being run down while walking his dog.

Of course, if you were riding a big hit freerider, you might not have even noticed the divets in the path. Indeed, there are much more evil ways of sabotaging trails — I’ve seen broken glass and piano wire put to pretty nasty use on my own local trails. What sorts of sabotage have you observed in your area?

Considering that several cyclists have reported being thrown from their bikes, this guy is probably lucky the charge is merely vandalism. Attempted assault might be more fitting, given his intentions.

Still, let us drop the needle on my favorite broken record: Please, fellow dirt riders, be courteous, kind, and gentle with dogwalkers.


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