RockShox introduces 27.5 BoXXer with Charger damper, new air shock

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Hot on the heels of the still somewhat mysterious new RS1 fork, RockShox drops a solid batch of other new suspension goodies for its gravity riders. The biggest news is the new 27.5 BoXXer fork, the new defacto wheel size standard, and a new air shock dubbed DebonAir.

Boxxer 27.5 with Charger damper

I think most riders paying attention aren’t surprised by this fork. The Charger damper is about as highly regarded as any product I’ve ever ridden, and it makes a lot of sense to bring that technology over to the downhill side from the Pike trail bike fork. And the juggernaut of mid-size wheels will not be denied their place in the world of DH. Don’t worry though, the 26-inch forks are still around, and in a really awesome move, the Charger damper can be dropped into any BoXXer from 2011-2014.


World Cup and Team models get the Charger damper, the RC soldiers on with Motion Control. All models now have the Fast Black stanchion coating. They will be available in August (June for Charger upgrade kits) so go change the oil in your current fork and start saving your pennies.


BoXXer World Cup (with Charger and Solo Air)

  • 26: $1,700
  • 27.5: $1,735

BoXXer Team (Charger and coil spring)

  • 26: $1,275
  • 27.5: $1,310

BoXXer RC (Motion Control and coil spring)

  • 26: $865
  • 27.5: $900

Charger damper upgrade (for all 2010-2014 BoXXers)

  • $379

Solo-Air upgrade (for World Cup forks only)

  • $188

Domain Dual Crown

Not everyone has the need (or means) for a DH race fork. Those riders looking to ride hard and not worry about race times or next month’s rent, get some love, too. The steel-stanchioned Domain gets the 27.5 inch update, with the RC version available aftermarket at $768. That’s $138 cheaper (and 563 grams heavier) than the entry level BoXXer RC. Domain forks will be ready for sale in June.



With the plush, yet supportive Pike fork leading the way on more and more trail bikes, rear shocks could seem to be not quite up to performance of the front end. The new DebonAir air can for the Monarch rear shock should change that.


Designed with a more linear spring curve, the revised spring rate is very plush in the first third of the travel, keeping the tire reacting to small bumps and in contact with the ground. DebonAir will be stock on the Monarch Plus RC3 and an option on the Monarch RT3.



  • Monarch RT3 DebonAir: $365-390
  • Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir: $499

Those looking to upgrade, the Debonair air can will fit 2014 Monarch and Monarch Plus shocks, and 2013 Monarch Plus, for $155. Debonair will be ready to go in May, sooner as original equipment on new bikes, such as the redesigned Santa Cruz Nomad.



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