Riders share their favorite bike at Demo Day

What was your favorite bike you rode at the Outdoor Demo? 

As the second and final day of Outdoor Demo drew to a close we thought it would be interesting to see what participants thought about the shiny new 2011 rigs they rode. Well, shiny and new before being subjected to two days of abuse at the hands of bikers riding unfamiliar bikes on unfamiliar trails. In case you are not familiar with the trails at Bootleg Canyon, think kitty litter over hardpack, and every rock is sharp and ill tempered.

We asked the sunburnt, dust-covered test riders what their favorite bikes were. The results showed that few riders are created alike, that different is good, and options are even better.

– Josh Patterson



David Pavidhoyle

Hometown: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Favorite bike: Giant Anthem 29er

Why they liked it: "It rides great. The new SLX-equipped model is a lot of bike for the money."



Brett Stevens

Hometown: Palm Springs, California

Favorite bike: S-Works Epic 26"

Why they liked it: "It’s so light and stiff, you can just power through stuff out of the saddle. Even with the Brain all the way on it still handled well on the downhills. I think it’s going to be my new race bike."

  Brian Jensen

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite bike: Pivot Mach 5.7

Why they liked it: "I think it’s my favorite bike. It climbs like a hardtail…almost. The suspension, the DW Link, is great and I’ve tried them all."

  Marie Malinowski

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite bike: Pivot Mach 429

Why they liked it: "I’m afraid now of what this bike is going to do to me. I rode over things I had never cleared before."

  James March

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Favorite bike: Salsa Spearfish

Why they liked it: "Really, nice ride. Pedals uphill really well, smooth bike overall."

  Mike Strozeski

Hometown: South Lyon, Michigan

Favorite bike: Yeti ASR 5

Why they liked it: "Worked well, had a great feel to it." 

  Valerie Sawyer

Hometown: South Lyon, Michigan

Favorite bike: Specialized Era Comp Carbon

Why they liked it: "Climbing on this Era is unbeatable, whether it is steep or over rocks, it just gets you over the hill. This bike doesn’t let you down, it’s amazing!"

  Chris Menesisk

Hometown:  Broomfield, Colorado

Favorite bike: Yeti ASR 7

Why they liked it: "Smoothest bike I’ve ever ridden. It makes up for my inadequacies as a rider. "

  Matt Nash

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, California

Favorite bike: Giant Anthem 29er

Why they liked it: "It climbed really well and had a lot of traction."

  Michael Valoch

Hometown: Snoewshoe, West Virginia

Favorite bike:  Surly Pugsly

Why they liked it: "It was pretty much amazing."

  Jacki Rust

Hometown: Oakland, California

Favorite bike: Norco Range 1

Why they liked it: "The geometry fit my body really well, it felt a little more compact. The SRAM shifting was really dialed in." 

  Tony Stroup

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Favorite bike: Pivot Phoenix

Why they liked it: "It pedals really well. The travel comes through smooth and predictably. I thought it was quick and responsive."

  Amy Leisher

Hometown: Laurel Maryland

Favorite bike: Pivot Mach 5.7

Why they liked it: "I felt like I sat in the suspension, not on top of it."



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