Review: Uvex Supersonic LX helmet

By Shannon Mominee

The Uvex Supersonic LX helmet features double in-mold technology with twenty-three vents and insect webbing across the front three. The shell looks subtle with no pointy edges. At 285g it’s perfect for everyday trail riding and racing.

Seven-position height adjusters determine where the retention system rests around the head and a single wheel adjusts the tension evenly in 2mm increments. The ratcheting chinstrap makes correcting strap length easy. The inside of the helmet is full of antibacterial, sweat absorbing pads that are removable and washable. The molded visor is also removable.

A cool feature on the Supersonic is that Lupine’s Piko 3 light system (reviewed in issue #154) mounts directly to the helmet, but is not included. The light’s base presses into four holes on the front of the helmet and the battery slides onto a plastic tab on the back. The Piko’s 180g weight is noticeable, but is balanced so the helmet doesn’t tip fore or aft. Best of all there are no straps to mess with.

I had no problems with the tension loosening as I rode singletrack with or without the light, and the Supersonic was comfortable to wear on long rides. There’s plenty of ventilation and it’s well constructed. The price is line with comparably vented helmets. It has a one-year warranty, and is eligible for a discounted crash replacement for three-years.



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