Review: Ruffwear Track Jacket (for dogs!) and Bivy Bota Bowl

By Shannon Mominee

Can you spot the dog in this photo?


How about the dog in this photo?


The blaze orange Track Jacket from Ruffwear definitely makes it easier to spot my dog, Roman, in the woods and makes him more visible on night walks. And even though he’s not hunting, there are hunters in the woods that we hike and mountain bike in, and I’d rather they see my dog than mistake Roman for a deer or other game.


The Track Jacket is made from lightweight, waterproof fabric that has been durable and resilient against thorns and burrs. It has a reflective side design and logo incorporated onto the jacket, and there are three loops for attaching Ruffwear’s Beacon safety light (sold separately for $17) to make your best friend even more visible.

Though the Track Jacket is non-insulated, it will keep your dog drier in the rain and provide some weather protection. Ruffwear does make insulated coats as well, and Roman has tested the Cloud Chaser fleece-lined soft shell, and the Quinzee quilted-style coat.


Putting the Track Jacket on couldn’t be easier. Just slip the opening over your dog’s head and attach the side-hooks into their respective loops. Adjust the strap tension and off you go. The Track Jacket stays in place no matter how carefree Roman runs, jumps, or chases critters through the woods and into vines and underbrush. Best of all, while we mountain bike, I can instantly locate him when he diverts off the trail and regain his attention.

The Track Jacket retails for $40 and is worth the price. I feel better knowing he is more visible to myself and others, and Roman knows we are about to do something fun and exciting when he wears it. Available in three sizes and Ruffwear’s sizing chart is accurate.

ruffwear-6 ruffwear-8

H2O is another trail necessity and the Bivy Bota makes it easy to carry water for your pooch. The 60oz. collapsible bowl is leak-proof and has an upper reservoir for your dog to drink from without contaminating all of the water with slobber, dirt, and whatever else. With the container full, loosen the cap a quarter turn and press down. This fills the reservoir with as little or as much water as needed. Tighten the cap and offer the Bivy Bota to your canine.

I’ve also drank from the Bivy Bowl canteen-style, when I haven’t brought enough water for myself. It’s available in one color and capacity for $30 and has an integrated loop for hanging it from a pack and a cap lanyard.


Good boy Roman!


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