Review: Protec Cyphon helmet

By Eric McKeegan

The Protec Cyphon helmet is a crossbreed, combining genes from skate and XC helmets with a hard shell bonded to an EPS foam liner. Make no mistake; at 500g you won’t see this on the head of whatever doper is winning XC races this year, although even on multi-hour rides I never found myself thinking about the extra 250 grams I was carting around on my head, but I was happy for the increased coverage and non-roadie squid looks.

Ventilation was better than I expected, and there was some obvious thought to the 15 vents. Not just holes in the helmet, there are some internal channels to help with airflow. I think once I cut down my winter hair growth it will prove to be comfortable up to 70°, although I would imagine the flat black would not be you best friend in direct sunlight. There is a matte white option, which will match your belt (are white belts too 2009 to be funny any more?). The BOA retention mechanism is easy to use, but the size large I tested fit more like a medium, so I only needed a single click to snug it down.

The visor is removable, but it looks a heck of a lot better with it on, and it is big enough to be functional, but small enough to not get in the way. A great choice for cooler weather or rides when more protection is desired (Super D, all-mountain, Ray’s, stunty stuff), or just those with an aversion to looking like an alien beetle is eating your brain.

Price: $90

Weight: 500g

Sizes Available: S/M 53-55cm, L 57-58cm (tested), XL 59-60cm

Country of Origin: China


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