Red Bull Media House, Outside Television join forces

Outside Television today announced a long-term programming partnership with Red Bull Media House that includes original series, films, and future productions involving Red Bull athletes and the two partners’ complementary television, print, online, mobile, and social media activities.

The partnership brings the original adventure sports series “Pushing Boundaries” to Outside Television and a selection of Red Bull Media House films to the “Outside Film Festival” primetime block starting soon.

Red Bull Media House will also provide Outside Television exclusive content for the network’s morning program “Outside Today,” and bring featured Red Bull athletes in-studio for interviews.

The partnership with Red Bull Media House follows a very recent collaboration between Outside Television and America’s top broadband and cable television provider Comcast Xfinity announced in late-May, and that will see Outside Television join every Comcast cable system around the country, likely by year-end.

Outside Television has been available the past two years, primarily through local cable systems serving most of the nation’s top resort communities. Yet, over the past few weeks, Comcast Xfinity has been rapidly adding Outside Television to its dominant systems in Chicago, Miami and the rest of Florida, with Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Detroit, Houston, Albuquerque and Santa Fe (where Outside Magazine is based), Boston and Hartford joining the roll out during this and the next four to six weeks.

Outside Television will schedule a combination of 30 half-hour episodes of “Pushing Boundaries” starting in mid-July (time period and premiere to be announced), and dedicate an exclusive primetime block to the new Red Bull feature films.

Those Red Bull Media House features include Strength in Numbers
. Shot over two years, and within some of mountain biking’s most iconic locales, bikers the world over unite in a true way of life, no matter whether the most novice or world-renowned professionals.


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