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We packed a lot of good reading into issue #1 of our sister publication, Bicycle Times. To give you a sample of the flavor, we’ve posted a series of online reprints at the Bicycle Times website.

Commuting Kits: Essentials and Extras
Bicycle Times Staff
Riding to work can be a fun adventure if you have the right equipment to keep you rolling. You don’t want to be held up by a bike malfunction. So how should you prepare for your journey, equipment-wise? In this reprint from Bicycle Times #1 our experienced staff (who cranked out 11,878 miles and 605 commuting days in 2008) share their favorite tips and tricks. More….
From the Saddle of My Bike
Christian Seeley
from the saddle of my bikeFrom the saddle of my bike I rode to work this year.
I was not insulated from the elements as were those locked in their steel and glass caskets.
I felt the cold winter air on my face. I saw the frozen creek with fresh squirrel tracks in the snow. I watched the mangy-looking coyote scrounging for something to eat in the city. I saw Pikes Peak frosted with winter’s white paint. I smelled the freshly-lit woodstoves trying to stave off winter’s cold, all from the saddle of my bike. Continued….
Bicycle Times Interviews Jonathan Maus of
Jeff Lockwood
In the few short years since Jonathan Maus launched it, has managed to become the principal source of bicycle-related information for people in and around Portland. Click here to read the extensive interview with Maus that appears in Bicycle Times issue #1.
Rain Gear Group Test
Bicycle Times Staff
If you aspire to ride in all sorts of weather conditions, you may need help in the form of some protective coverings. The Bicycle Times / Dirt Rag staff tested five different brands of jackets and pants made for wet-weather use, through all kinds of precipitation. Read the report….
Voodoo Cycles Agwe
Eric Mckeegan
voo dooHmm, what have we here? An odd melding of beach cruiser and hybrid maybe? Perhaps a touring bike and 29er mountain bike with some DNA from an Ibis Scorcher? Regardless of its genetic makeup, the Voodoo Agwe is an interesting bike designed for commuting, light touring, dirt roads and smooth singletrack. Continued….
Breezer Villager
Amanda Zimmerman
The Breezer Villager was specifically designed for “relaxed rides and errands” or “sprints to the office,” and its components were thought out to provide a bike that would be “truly useful in everyday life.” It comes complete with accessories that every commuter needs right off the bat: fenders, rack, a lock system, kickstand, a plush seat, chainguard, and front and back lights. This allows a person to walk out of the shop, bike in hand, ready to hit the road. More….
Exposure Joystick Maxx Light
Maurice Tierney
exposure joystickBicycle lighting has really come a long way in the last 20 years, with the advent of 24-hour mountain bike racing pushing the technological envelope into everyday cycling. U.S.E.’s lineup of Exposure lights typify this evolution. Continued….
Tom Bihn Super Ego & Brain Cell
Justin Steiner
tom bihn super ego and brain cellI first stumbled across this Seattle-based company when researching laptop sleeves, as Tom Bihn’s Brain Cell is highly recommended on forums all across the web. The man for which the company is named got his start in the ’70s making clothing and bags for his friends and acquaintances, and has been at it ever since. This company is committed to green, sustainable manufacturing, as well as creating quality products and quality employment. Tom Bihn proudly manufactures all of their products in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Continued….


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