Race against Team Dirt Rag at the Big Bear Lake 2×12 this weekend

By Karl Rosengarth. Illustration by Stephen Haynes.

Dirt Rag is headed to the 2013 Big Bear Lake 2×12 Relay Race and Mountain Festival in Bruceton Mills, W.V., on Saturday, June 15 where the trails rock, the vibe is chill, there’s free beer and a live bluegrass concert after the race—it’s all good!

Each of the two racers on a Duo Sport team are required to complete two laps on Big Bear’s stellar 12-mile technical single track loop (Duo Open team riders will each ride three laps). The dynamic duo on Team Dirt Rag’s Awesome Possums is throwing down the gauntlet and challenging all other Duo Sport teams. From the dirty minds of The Awesome Possums (a.k.a. Stephen Haynes and Karl Rosengarth) comes: The Pace Is Right Challenge!

In a blatant knock-off of the TV game show with a similar name, the rules are as follows: The Duo Sport team (regardless of sub-classification) whose official finish time is the closest to the official finish time of Team Dirt Rag’s Awesome Possums, without finishing faster, wins a terrific prize package of Dirt Rag Swag. We’ll announce the winning team during the official awards ceremony. Decisions of Team Dirt Rag’s Awesome Possums are final. If something bizarre happens, or we DNF, we’ll make it up as we go along.

Even if you don’t win The Pace Is Right Challenge (or you’re on some fancy-pants Open team, and therefore not eligible for the challenge) Dirt Rag has got you covered. All racers will get a sample copy of our fine publication and a Dirt Rag pint glass in their racer packet.

What better way to enjoy the free post-race micro brews from Morgantown Brewing Company and Mountain State Brewing Company than cold sippin’ from a Dirt Rag pint?! Or fill ‘er up with your favorite recovery drink, and rehydrate while listening to the live bluegrass concert that evening. Underage racers please note the Dirt Rag pints are great for soft drinks and milk, too.

Team Dirt Rag’s Awesome Possums will be manning an expo booth, where you’ll have a chance to purchase Dirt Rag merchandise, or get that subscription (or renewal) that your keep forgetting about. See you there!


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