Press Release: New stuff from Magura

This year, Magura is celebrating its 125th anniversary and they’ve launched special edition brakes and more to celebrate. Here are some of the early 2018 offerings.

Limited Edition MT1893 Model

The MT1893 features polished chrome 4-piston calipers, masters engraved with the founding year of 1893, and HC3 lever blade developed with Danny MacAskill.

Price: $599.00 per set (front and rear)
Available June 7, 2018

#customizeyourbrake: Retrofitting with the HC Carbon Lever

Why do so many bike professionals take part in competitions without gloves? Most of the body‘s tactile and feeling receptors are in the fingertips–around 150 per square centimeters. The fingertips don‘t miss a thing: pressure, vibrations or surface structure. In extreme situations, the optimum point of contact between the finger and the brake lever can make all the difference between winning or losing.

The latest lever evo­lution is the HC 1-finger Carbolay® lever. Compared to the 2-finger brake lever, the new HC carbon lever is 16 mm, 10 mm shorter than our previous lever, and offers a bigger contact area for the fingers. Complex carbon processing also gives the lever a high degree of stiffness at a lower weight.

The lever is manufactured in a complex textile carbon embroidery process. This slices away another 26 g in weight compared to the HC aluminum lever (two levers). And as usual, the lever can be adjusted simply to your finger length or personal preferences (+/- 25 mm).

The following disc brake models can be retrofitted with the new HC 1-finger carbon lever: MT6, MT7, MT8, MT Trail Carbon.

Riders can choose from a total of 5 lever models at #customizeyourbrake: 1 or 2 fingers in aluminum or carbon with the HC3 lever delivering the maximum adjustability.

Weight: 12 g per lever
Price: $125.00 ea.
Available second half of 2018

Flat mount standard for disc brakes: New MT8 SL FM and MT4 FM models

The compact design of the flat-mount brake caliper is rapidly gaining popularity in the XC race world. Magura takes this trend very seriously and is now offering two flat-bar brake models equipped with flat-mount calipers, the affordable MT4 and our featherlight, flagship MT8 SL. To ensure our flat-mount options provide the unparalleled level of performance athletes demand from Magura we have designed them to operate with the same brake pads that our post-mount calipers use.

– Uses same brake pad size as on post mounts
– Up to max. 180 mm brake disc diameter

Price: MT8 SL FM $285.00 ea., MT4 FM $115.00 ea.
Available July 1, 2018

MT8 SL with Carbon Brake Lever 

Magura‘s engineers were immediately motivated by the official announcement that the 2018 Team Specialized Racing will be starting the World Cup with MT8 brakes. After the first meeting with the athletes, the focus turned to making the MT8’s brake lever even better. Annika Langvad really benefited from the HC lever last year when she claimed the World Champion marathon title. The new shorter HC brake lever now brings together numerous new ideas for enhanced performance and ergonomic improvements for the MT8.

These have now all been realized in the shape of the MT8 SL with HC carbon lever. In contrast to the standard MT8 Carbolay lever, the new HC carbon lever is 10 mm shorter, has a wider 16 mm contact area for the fingers and weighs in 26 g lighter. The lever can be adjusted simply to your finger length or personal preferences (+/- 25 mm). With improved ergonomic features, the brake also delivers added performance with a harder pressure point. The overall neon-yellow look (brake lever cover and caliper rings) lends the MT8 SL Magura‘s racing heritage.

Weight: 200 g
Price: $285.00 per brake
Available second half of 2018


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