President George W. Bush joins in on W100 Wounded Warrior ride

No matter which end of the political spectrum you fall on, you have to respect former President George W. Bush’s ability to tear up a trail. It’s quite possible he was the most physically fit president we’ve ever had. 

On April 26-28, 2012, 19 servicemen and women wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan joined President Bush for the W100, a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. As part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Military Service Initiative, the W100 highlights the bravery and sacrifice of the warriors wounded in the global war on terror, as well as those organizations that have made continuing commitments to supporting America’s heroes.

The three-day event provides an opportunity to highlight the good work of military support organizations and is sponsored by several companies and individuals that have generously contributed their time and resources to support America’s servicemen and women. The 2011 W100 was the first event for the Military Service Initiative of the Bush Center.

With a break from Thursday’s triple-digit heat, Mr. Bush also paused for a brief press conference early Friday afternoon.

“Palo Duro Canyon is a spectacular place. To be here with these people who have sacrificed so much, and being out biking with them while the sun is coming up on the beautiful scenery in the canyon—well, I think it’s one of the most unique and special moments in my adult life,” he said.

During the morning of the final day of the W100 Wounded Warrior mountain bike ride at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, former President George W. Bush (left) and event volunteer Kyle McAdams of Amarillo (right) assist Wounded Warrior Dan Gade of West Point, NY, up a steep incline along one of the many single-track trails at the Park. Despite injuries and trauma suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Wounded Warriors courageously completed the challenging, three-day, 100k ride alongside their former commander-in-chief, including Saturday’s final stretch that covered 19.4 miles.


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