Photo Gallery: Exclusive Missy Giove interview outtakes

Photos by A. E. Landes, Matt Kasprzyk and Maurice Tierney.


Then and now. On the left she is showing off Gonzo, the pirahna she wore around her neck during races.

Though she’s lived high atop the World Cup circuit, Missy is now her own mechanic.

But her old Foes DH1 Mono still works and she can certainly still shred.

Life is a lot more mellow now in her home of Virginia Beach. Missy says she has given away all her bikes to people who had ridden them and fallen in love with them.

She has a few relics from the past, but not many. She says she would love to compete again.

Only the trophy case would indicate the tidy apartment Missy shares with her wife Kristen is the home of a former World Champion.


Always an animal lover, she currently tears it up with her dog Dash.


Along with Gonzo the fish, Missy used to race with the ashes of her beloved dog Ruffian tucked into her bra.

“It’s all good, and I’m happy to be here and I’m happy to have had all the experiences I have had in my life,” she said.

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