Own a piece of the Fox

As mountain biking has matured, it’s no longer entirely the province of dirtbags and do-nothings. Most folks would argue that it’s a good thing. That’s because professional people — y’know, doctors and lawyers and such — have become enthusiasts in the last ten years, the better to move the levers of local government to allow more singletrack and just generally go to meetings and public forums and advocacy hoe-downs while the rest of us keep riding.

Naturally, some of these folks get so enthusiastic about mountain bikes that they wish they could invest in the industry. But the bike industry is notoriously private and closely held. Not a lot of opportunities to invest and play the stocks when it comes to bikes.

But today, Fox Factory sold a significant share of itself (roughly 76 percent) to a publicly traded holding company called Compass Diversified Holdings. That’s CODI on the NASDAQ, if you’re the sort of person who sleeps in your silk FOX SHOX jammies in the Rumpus Room of your Fruita getaway, with dreams of a portfolio that can suck up the biggest drops.





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