Outtakes: What you missed at Crankworx

By Adam Newman

We’re still recovering from a week of madness at Whistler Mountain, but if you couldn’t join us, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what you missed.  

The mountains beckon on the bus ride from Vancouver along the stunning Sea To Sky Highway.

Closer… closer…

Aaaahhh… here we are.

The atomosphere is, shall we say, festive. 


Everyone in the village loves gravity racing, and it doesn’t have to include bikes. 


But if you need a bike, there’s never a shortage of options once you get here.

Though some folks push the definition of "bike" entirely too far.

Brandon Semenuk was pretty stoked on his new bike, the Trek Session Park, which he helped design for events like the Red Bull Rampage. Later he did break a smile after grabbing his second win at the Red Bull Joyride slopestyle comp. 

Ryan Howard was a little more animated, hamming it up for the mountain bike press.

Speaking of which, here they are hard at work (aka tweeting about cats). 

The parking lot with the fleet vehicles was a "mine’s bigger" contest. E-Rides was represented well.

Two all-conquering mountain machines. We should get one of these for the next Dirt Rag van.

Coolest dog on the mountain? We think so. 

Next time you’re making excuses why you can’t ride, remember Chilean racer Adolfo Almarza who shreds the pro circuit even as a double amputee.

That’s it for now, but watch for more coverage in the coming days.

See you soon Whistler. 


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