Options for June 12th & 13th in West Virginia

As we posted last week, the 2010 installment of the 24 Hours of Big Bear has been canceled. A lot of people were looking forward to that race. If you’re one of them, and already have your calendar clear that weekend for racing and/or riding your bicycle in West Virginia, we have a few possible options for you.

I must say now that none of these events are completely confirmed yet. While Dirt Rag will do its best to keep you informed here, we encourage you to use the links associated with each event to confirm before you make your drive to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia that weekend.

Big Bear “Pow Wow”
As mentioned in our original posting, Granny Gear Productions (promoters of the 24 Hours of Big Bear) are working on revamping the event for next year. Part of that planning/healing process is inviting everyone down to Big Bear the same weekend the race was supposed to happen, and have everyone ride the trails, hang out and participate in an optional, informal “pow-wow” about the future of the event. They also plan on having a potluck dinner, camping and the famous 24 Minutes kids race. The event will be free, but there might be a small fee for camping. Keep an eye on the Granny Gear web site for more info as it comes available.

The same sort of event is planned for the 24 Hours of 9-Mile (also a Granny Gear event) as an alternative to that race, which was also canceled. Again, check the Granny Gear web site.

Big Bear 4×24
Big Bear’s general manager, Mark Schooley is planning a unique kind of race at Big Bear Lake Family Camplands on Saturday, June 12th. The format of this particular race is that all racers will compete on a 24-mile loop of lovely technical singletrack. Solo racers are required to do four laps, while duos and teams won’t have to do all four laps. Schooley elaborates: “All other classes will compete in a relay style race for a total of 4 laps. Expert classes would be duo teams in age brackets and would ride 2 laps each.  Sport classes would be 4 person teams in age brackets and would ride 1 lap each. Essentially solos ride 100 miles, experts ride 50 miles and sports ride 25 miles.” More information is on its way, and readers are urged to visit the Big Bear Lake Family Camplands web site often for more info.

24 Hours of Creek to Peak
We only have a couple details on this event as of right now. We know it’ll be held in Eleanor West Virginia and it’s on the same weekend. We’re told to watch the iPlayOutside web site for more info, or to contact Larry Perkins.

There you have it. Plan on attending any of these events? Or do you have more info on them? If so, leave a comment below to let us know.


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