Office visit: Boa Technology with Scott Sports

We were recently invited to the Boa Technology’s offices in Denver, Colorado. What was once an industrial eyesore and waste dump on the wrong side of the tracks is now a revitalized commercial community that hosts several like-minded businesses. The corporate center Boa resides in is another case study of modern gentrification with reclaimed building materials, of which I’m a sucker for. The modern office space and open floor plan immerses you in the collaborative creative process developing new products. Everything is done on-site, from conceptualization to prototyping.

Boa is an ingredient brand that prides itself on adding value to the companies it partners with. Their closure systems are used in seven target markets: Athletic, Cycling, Golf, Medical, Outdoor, Snowboarding and Utility. One of those cycling partnerships is with Scott Sports. The two companies partnered in 2009 and Scott now features 11 models of cycling shoes with the Boa closure system.

Earlier this summer Boa unveiled the IP-1 dial. It’s a combination of two previous systems and uses a multi-operational reel featuring pull-to-release for easy on and off and two-way incremental adjustment. This new dial eliminates a long standing complaint with Boa’s closure system: now you no longer have to completely release the reel to loosen the closure. There are two-way adjustments for tightening and loosening the fit. We had the chance to fiddle with some knobs and interrupt a lot of employees’ work days to get the scoop on how Boa partners with other brands and what it takes to get a product to market. Of course we took advantage of the fantastic December weather and finished the day on a great ride with the Boa and Scott crew.



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