VIDEO: Thunder Mountain Trail ride

By Justin Steiner

A good friend introduced me to the Red Canyon area, Thunder Mountain Trail specifically, a few years ago on a road trip south and west to Interbike. This year Frank and I swung through on the way north and east from the show to pay homage to this incredible trail and terrain. Thunder Mountain isn’t the most technical ride, nor is it epically long and grueling, but it is highly accessible and possibly the most flowy and scenic ride I’ve experienced. I urge you all to take a drive up, or down, Utah routes 12 and 24 to visit for a ride.

The Thunder Mountain loop works great if you camp at Red Canyon campground. You simply roll out of camp, cruise up a freshly paved bike path, hang a right onto a dirt road which takes you right to the trailhead, then rip through the 7.9 miles of Thunder Mountain and ride right back to the campground via the bike path. It’s a beautiful loop, and a ton of fun, too.


Thunder Mountain Trail from Justin Steiner on Vimeo.


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