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Dirt Rag Issue 206 Niner Bikes Giveaway

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Niner bikes has partnered with Dirt Rag to give away a Sir 9 2-Star Bike!

Take charge of your ride with this Reynolds 853 Steel frame designed around Niner’s [R]evolution trail geometry which begs the rider to push their limits. Ride it hard. Ride it fast. After all, it’s made from a truly time-tested material that’s been air hardened and heat treated. The efficient, yet compliant ride quality of the SIR 9 harkens back to a simpler time. A time without linkages and complicated shock settings. A time where all the energy you put into the pedals moves you forward.

Key Features:
Redesigned bottom bracket and chainstay junction: Keeping ride quality in mind as well as tire clearance, we went to great lengths to design this crucial frame junction. The PF 30 Bottom Bracket allows you to run a standard press fit bottom bracket or, if simplicity is your thing, throw in an eccentric bottom bracket and run singlespeed. A hidden plate inside the chainstay yoke stiffens and strengthens in order to improve power transfer.
Multiple mounting options: Pack it in, pack it out: Eighteen. As in 18 mounting points allow you to run racks and fenders, a bento box, water bottles, etc. This frame is versatile.
Niner’s [R]evolution trail geometry: Our trail geo puts the rider in the sweet, balanced spot on the bike. Longer top tube, slacker headtube, and shorter chainstays all mean more fun and better handling


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  1. I hate -HATE – the way the bike industry abandons standards like the 26″ wheel in an effort to convince people that something perfected a hundred years ago is no longer relevant. There are still literally millions of bikes with 26″ wheels, but just try to buy a tire that fits at your LBS. Shame on Dirt Rag for fostering this same kind of knuckleheadedness. Get back to writing about riding and let the bike mfrs do the your-bike-is-obsolete dirty work.

    • Have you ridden modern wheel sizes? 26″ wheels are great, but a larger rotation scientifically helps with climbing and other aspects of riding, and with innovations in spoke, hub, rim, and especially brake technology, there’s no longer a reason to focus on a 26″ wheel. This isn’t to put that model down, but wheels weren’t perfected a hundred years ago, certainly aren’t currently perfect, and hopefully for years to come the industry will continue to tweak the models for the best riding experience possible. Ultimately, we have no MO except to encourage people to have fun riding and occasionally know about the stuff we think sounds cool. Regardless of what you ride, enjoy your trails and keep exploring and having fun. Check out this column from April, Love the Bike You Have, and don’t let new technology deter you. Also, though, don’t shy away from new stuff! You may be surprised to enjoy something you’ve been turning your nose from. Ride on!

  2. As a long time bike shop guy, we still stock lots of 26″ tires. We still sell more 26 than 27.5 and 29 combined, but they are almost all wire bead. So the tires are still out there.

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