New Jeff Jones H-bars: Two shapes, two materials

Here at Dirt Rag we’ve long been fans of Jeff Jones‘ unique style of bikes and handlebars. His eye-catching Spaceframe originally debuted in titanium, and is now available in a steel version as well.

Perhaps even more well known, or at least more common, are his swept-back handlebars. Now you can get the Cut Loop bar, as well as the Loop bar in either aluminum or titanium, with a 31.8 clamp area, so no shims are needed. 

Both versions offer 45 degrees of sweep and 13mm or ride or drop. The Loop bar is both wider (680mm vs. 610mm) and has a longer handle area for mounting shifters. The Cut Loop bar is recommended for thumb shifters or Shimano Dual Control shifters only. And singlespeed, natch. The loop in the Loop bar allows for mounting plenty of accessories as well, and is a popular option for bikepackers.


According to Jones, the steep sweep to the bars allows for a more natual and comfortable hand position, greater control when descending, and a greater number of hand positions for climbing or aero riding. 

The bars are available now in black or silver aluminum ($120) or full titanium ($380). 

Also, keep an eye out this fall for another production run of Jones’ steel frames, both in Spaceframe and diamond frame versions. 

More on Jeff Jones

We’ve written quite a bit about Jones and his bikes through the years. Here’s a quick recap:


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