New items for the retro grouch in you

A few things have popped up on my radar lately, perhaps some of you might be interested also.

First up, it looks like SRAM is updating their 8 speed chains soon. I’m looking into what has changed, but as of now all I have are model names: PC-830, 850, 870, 890. I’ve used the older models(PC-48, 58, 68) with good results in the past.

On the drop-bar brake lever front, Tektro has a new long pull lever, the RL520, available soon. This will make a grand total of 2 long pull levers on the market for drop bars. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shimano introduce a long pull STI lever soon, although they have released a road version of their cable disc brake. Tektro also does a road disc now, and Avid has been doing a road BB7 for a few years, perhaps we will see more of these rather than the long pull STI.

What I’d really love to see is a hydraulic disc set-up for drop bars. Magura had hydraulic rim brakes for drop bars years ago, but the levers will not work with discs. I’d love a set of hydros for the all-weather bike I’ve been planning in my head for years. I’ve built a few iterations, but have not found just the right combo of parts and frame.

Also from Tektro, a mighty pretty cantilever brake, the CR720. Looks like a nice blend of old school styling with some newer technology.

I’m glad to see continued development and support in products that are slightly out of the mainstream.

PS-I’m still getting the hang of html, please bear with my poor linkage for a few more posts. Anyone have a link to a good html primer?


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