Editor’s note: To say the former World Cup and World Champion downhiller has been reclusive as of late is an understatement. Since her drug trafficking bust in 2009 and resulting house arrest most people, fans and friends alike, had no idea what she has been up to.

That’s all about to change. Not only did we find her and get an exclusive, in-depth interview but she also invited us out to ride and into her home to meet her family right in the middle of our deadline. Who could turn that down? Saying she completely opened herself up to us is the real understatement.

One word of warning, the interview in Issue #171 will be unlike anything you’ve read before. It’s been edited (or unedited in some cases) to fully preserve the personality and rapid-fire speech of Giove.

– Mike Cushionbury, Editor

Online extras

Extended interview: Author (and bicycle engineer) Anna Schwinn had plenty of questions we couldn’t fit into print. Read an extended interview with Missy here.

Tables are turned: Schwinn is a worth interview subject in herself, and Missy had plenty of questions of her own. Find out how much the two have in common.

Photo gallery: Photographer A.E. Landes captured the quiet and private life of Missy and her wife Kristen (and their dog, Dash) in their home of Virginia Beach, but there were plenty of photos we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine. Check out some outtakes here.

From the archive: Issue #171 isn’t the first time Missy Giove has graced our pages. Check out these two interviews we pulled from the archives from 1993 and 2004.

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