Review: Michelin Wildgripper COMP 24.1

By Pete Weir

Price: $50
Size: 26” x 2.2”
Weight: 1280
TPI: 33
Bead: wire
Contact: 800.346.4098

Comments: For DH and Dual Slalom racing on intermediate to slippery terrain. The design is similar to other tires on the market, which leads me to believe that this is a solid design that works well. Surprise! It worked well, and for a soft compound tire, the knobs are holding up very well. I was expecting more wear and tear from rock bites, but they still have good edges. The catalog suggests a broad range of uses, but they performed best in mixed rocky terrain (loose shale to solid bedrock with mixed sandy soil in between) also hard clay, basically hard surfaces mobile or immobile. These tires are more nimble than the all condition tire, so you can pick your lines a little easier and get up to speed a little quicker. If you want to get wild with the Wild Gripper, go ahead, they can handle it. This tire can be run tubeless with Nagesti tubeless rims.


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