Review: Michelin COMP 32 All Condition

By Pete Weir

Price: $70
Size: 26” x 2.8”
Price: $70
Weight: 1350
TPI: 33
Bead: wire
Contact: Phone: 800.346.4098 www.

Comments: Karl had three different pair of Wildgripper downhill tires for me to test: An all condition tire (COMP 32), a hard and rocky terrain tire (COMP 24.1) and an intermediate-slippery terrain tire (COMP 16), thus making it a very hard test for me because the tires required more than the normal amount of effort to put on. Changing downhill tires is laborious enough with pinch bolts and through axles. With these tires you’re gonna need good tire levers and technique—and a little lube on the bead helps it slip on a little easier (WD-40, or my favorite, dish soap). I attributed this to the specially designed bead wires that provide secure rim hold. The hold was secure as far as I can tell. I did notice all the tires were significantly easier to mount on warm days heated by the sun. The all condition tire comes as a soft compound, and the big square block knobs did not disappoint. The 2.8” tire made me happy and secure and confident in all conditions I encountered, and if I had too pick only one tire this would be the one. It cornered well and plowed through rocks well. It’s a big tire so it doesn’t accelerate well, but what tire attached to a 55lbs downhill bike does?


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