Sea Otter 2012: Mavic expands CrossMax wheel line to 29ers

mavic crossmax 29er

By Adam Newman

Set to debut last year with the redesign of its 26-inch wheel CrossMax line, the prototype 29er CrossMax wheels from Mavic weren’t performing up to the brand’s and its racers’ standards, and they went back to the drawing board to make them right.

Offered in three versions, the CrossMax SLR is the lightweight race/cross-country wheelset, the CrossMax ST is the trail or general use set, while the CrossRide is a wallet-friendly, entry-level option.

One of the problems Mavic was having when transitioning to 29-inch wheels was the Zircal spokes from the 26-inch version couldn’t just made longer, they also needed to be stiffer. The 29er uses slightly heavier spokes, while the drive-side rear spokes are bead-blasted to harden them further.

mavic crossmax 29er

The rim is also a half millimeter thicker than the 26-inch version, but makes use of the same key technologies such as the machining to save weight as well as the UST compatibility. The hubs are also similar, with the same ITS-4 freehub body that offers nearly instant engagement. The pair weighs in at 1,620 grams and should begin shipping in June with a price of $999.

The CrossMax ST wheels, on the other hand, were able to be adapted directly from their smaller cousins. The round Zircal spokes and UST rims are essentially the same as, as is the hub system. The CrossMax ST wheels weigh in at 1,710 grams and should begin shipping in August with a $825 pricepoint.

mavic crossmax 29er

Finally, the CrossRide wheels use a more traditional spoke system to keep costs down. The steel spokes are laced with traditional nipples to a tubeless-ready rim and the freehub is a modified version of ITS-4 with two pawls instead of four. Naturally it’s called ITS-2. The pair weigh in at 2,020 grams and will lighten your wallet by only $299.

mavic crossride

Throughout the line you’ll find 19mm internal rim widths and a huge range of adapters to fit nearly any axle system, and most are included.

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