Maverick moves on, ceases operations

On Monday, Ethan from Maverick Bikes posted on the following: 

Its time for me to post a short message regarding Maverick. As of Jan 1st Maverick has ceased operations. Paul Turner has reclaimed the brand and licenses. What he will do with it remains up in the air, some rumors have floated around but none for me to add to! I don’t think the technology will disappear, it’s too good and other manufactures are looking for ways to beat their competition.

While this has been a sad time for us, closing of the doors, it also opens up new doors and adventures. Bicycles have been a passion of mine for a long time, so no great need to get a real job (yet!). Stay tuned, tell your friends about the news and not to fret!


Maverick was the brainchild of Paul Turner who in the 1980s took his expertise in the motocross world and applied it to bicycles, eventually creating RockShox. He later sold that company and by the end of the 1990s he had joined forces with Frank Vogel to form their own brand.

Maverick pioneered several technologies, including the thru-axle fork and dropper seatpost.


Back in Issue #119 we reviewed the ML7.5, and in #128 we tested the SC32 fork. Plus you can read a discussion of this fork in our forums.




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