Looking Forward to Bicycle Times

As I look out my window at icy snow-covered streets, all I can think about are bikes and how much I’d like to be out there riding. I just finished proofing one of the final drafts of our new publication, Bicycle Times, and I’ve got to say, I’m more excited than ever that we’re doing this. Sure, it will mean an almost 60% increase in work for the meager staff of Dirt Rag. Not to mention starting a new business venture while the economy is in the toilet will be challenging to say the least. And let’s not forget the general trend away from print media in favor of online sources. It appears the cards are stacked against us.

BT#1 Proofing

Then why am I so excited? Because Bicycle Times will be a magazine (and website) focusing on what I truly love about bicycles; the practicality, the beauty, and the limitless possibilities for adventure on a bike. I don’t think there is another mode of transportation as efficient, versatile, and as fun as the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Walking, running, skateboarding, riding a horse, cross-country skiing, you name it, nothing beats a bike.

The promise of Bicycle Times is that it is inclusive of all, and a celebration of bicycling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a roadie squid, or an urban hipster wearing too-tight jeans on a fixie, or a mom on a bike path riding with her kids, or an electrical engineer on a recumbent (that’s right, they’re included too), or a knuckle-dragging mountain biker on a 6-inch travel rig, or a couple on their tandem touring the U.S. It’s about all bikes and the people who live to ride them.


Looking outside at the single-digit temperature with the snow and ice, I know I haven’t been on my bike as much as I’d like. It doesn’t get me down. It doesn’t make me want to ride on rollers or go to the gym or take a spinning class. It makes me want to get studded tires for my bike.


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