Life at Interbike Day 1.5

There’s a lot of bicycles and bicycle bits here at Interbike in Las Vegas. The Dirt Rag & Bicycle Times editorial and photo crews will be providing plenty of coverage for you on that front. In fact, you can already find some of it here, here and here. In addition to that in-depth coverage, I’ve also been sending a bunch of quick updates and photos through Twitter and Facebook about everything around, and from, the show throughout the day…and evening. Not just product-related stuff, but quick shouts and photos of the people, places and things (both inside the show, and out there in the evenings and the mornings). I think it’d be in your best interest to become a fan of Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times on Facebook, and for you to follow us on Twitter, too. Because…you know…it’s the hip thing to do, of course.

Speaking of ‘hip,’ the DR Crue immediately started hazing me and asking if I needed some tight jeans when they saw my Charge Plug fixie/singlespeed, which was given to me to ride for the week. This bike is sure to delight the hipsters in the world. It’s got bull-horn bars and the rear wheel has the fixed cog on one side, and the freewheel on the other. Plus the aesthetic is absolutely fantastic. The only trick is that the five mile commute from the Dirt Rag house to the Sands Convention Center is not something where I should be wearing sandals on a fixed gear bike. I’m flipping it to the freewheels side this afternoon.

Part of the deal for me being able to ride this bike all week is that I write a mini-review of the bike for the magazine and/or web site. So stay tuned for that.


There are a lot of bicycles to ride out at the Outdoor Demo. All sorts of bikes…not just mountain bikes. For example, I decided to take out a Felt F3 carbon road bike to sneak a ride out to the Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, the most insane headwind I’ve ever experienced on a bicycle made me turn around after 4 miles.


In addition to lots of bicycle out at the Outdoor Demo, there’s also lots of beers to be had…after riding, of course. The trails in Bootleg Canyon, while very awesome, are insanely rugged and sharp. I would recommend against beer before hitting those trails. Nick and Sov from Surly were kind enough to give Mo, Andrew and I some suds, away from the sun.


There’s lots of good parties all over the place. Some of them are big, and some are more friendly. Of course some of them suck, but most are good. I made it out to the Soulcraft 10th Birthday Party, which also happened to be the same party to launch Steve Smith’s fine read: All Hail the Black Market. Of course, I didn’t get any photos or Tweets from that party since my phone was acting goofy, but I can assure you that it was a very cool affair…with wigs.

It was a late night, so let’s see what today holds…


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